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Our Expertise

Strategic Marketing

We don’t just target ‘gamers’ in general – we identify the subset of gamers that your product appeals to and craft messages to grab their attention, while also refining your brand to position your company with the image you want for future projects. From producing marketing plans and helping with funding proposals to managing your sales schedule, we can do it all.


Every suitable channel will be utilized to get your game noticed, from social media presence to attending events. We can advise you on how and when to put your game on sale, run ad campaigns, reach out to press and influencers, and ensure your website is optimized for maximum discoverability and appeal.

Content Marketing

Effective content marketing will boost the engagement of your active players while simultaneously increasing the discoverability of your game. We can take care of creating or maintaining store fronts on every PC, console and mobile platform. Let us handle trailers, news posts, social media content, and more – or we can just offer advice.

Community Management

We engage the existing player base and draw in new fans via social media and community hubs on game platforms – if you don’t have them yet, we’ll set them up! Your community will drive your game, and we can shepherd your community.

Business Development

Wherever you are just starting a company, getting ready to expand, or looking for a boost to your business, Game Drive can help! Producing pitches, defining goals and plans to achieve them, networking with potential partners, and offering advice are all services we provide.



PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator


Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers

PC, Xbox One, Polycade, PS4 & Nintendo Switch



The Past Within

The Past Within

PC, Android & iOS

We Were Here Forever

We Were Here Forever

PC (Steam & Epic Games), PlayStation & Xbox

Game Drive is a well-connected, proactive and passionate video games agency and were a valued partner in our launch of The Outer Worlds.

Private Divisionhttps://www.privatedivision.com/

'Game Drive has been a great part in the success of our game since its early access phase. The great thing is Stephanie and Bram are very involved and proactive which has led to many cool events and PR moments the game is now known for.'

Jos HoebeFounder - Blackmill Games

'We've been working with Game Drive for over 3 years and are very happy with our cooperation. They provide valuable advice about business and marketing decisions and go beyond just sending press releases.'

Mike & Matt HergaardenFounders - M2H

Easily one of the most professional (with a personal touch) messages I have received from a PR person or dev in the nearly three years I have been doing this.

Jason ‘Mal’ CastilloInfluencer - https://www.youtube.com/user/rGNMal

'Are you looking for a highly reliable, professional and yet flexible partner to take care of your PR and marketing conundrums? Look no further as Stephanie and Bram will bring you the best PR expertise you can find for an indie multiplayer wargame based in the Netherlands.'

Antoine MeurillonCreative Director / Owner - Kava Game Studio

'We gladly worked with Stephanie and Bram for our adventurer management game Renowned Explorers. Even being strategy game developers ourselves, we were surprised by the amount of strategy they deployed to set up a strong campaign for the game.'

Manuel KerssemakersCo-Founder - Abbey Games

'...we got a true partner that has challenged and improved our entire marketing strategy at every stage. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this industry and Stephanie and Bram each bring their own thoughtful perspective to every conversation and decision.'

Lee SnodgrassCo-Founder - Driven Arts