Strategic Marketing

It’s important to consider where you are in the market before making big decisions, and we can help with analyzing the position of your game or your company – including identifying competitors, creating a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses along with current opportunities and threats, and how your product values align with those of your target audience.

Whether you’re looking for a framework to flesh out yourself or a complete plan, we have your back! We’re used to working with indie budgets, and stay on top of trends thanks to our regular and varied game releases – we’re always learning so our knowledge stays relevant.


Game Drive has extensive experience with both offline and online promotion, including viral campaigns, producing eye-catching press releases, putting together effective announcements, and the use of social media to drive sales and community engagement. We’re no strangers to event hosting and have a broad range of contacts with press, influencers and distributors.

We can also help you answer questions about the pricing of your game, and how to best handle sales or bundle participation – everything from the ideal timing to the amount of discount to offer. Our analysis of previous sales trends and the current market conditions will give you precise data so you can make solid decisions.

Content Creation

Effective content marketing will boost the engagement of your active players while simultaneously increasing the online presence and discoverability of your game. We will optimize traffic to your website, newsletters, trailers, social channels and store fronts with A/B testing, search engine optimization (SEO), and targeted content – created by us or together with your studio.

Our experience covers PC, console and mobile platforms, and we can handle the entire process of setting up a new storefront. We can produce or help you highlight your content, from short hotfix changelogs to larger dev diaries and announcements, making sure it gets noticed by the people who will want to see it. We are comfortable using any platform: Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Steam, or whatever is best for your game and community.

Community Management

Building a community and engaging with them is a vital part of making a game successful, so naturally we are well equipped to take care of every aspect of community management. We will entice players and potential buyers into becoming active community members with hands-on engagement and support in response to problems or complaints. This includes establishing and maintaining social media channels and community hubs if you don’t yet have any.

Players will be encouraged to share content, boost word-of-mouth and bring in friends and family. Developing an active, positive minded community around your game will enhance the effectiveness of other marketing actions and reflect well on your company brand in the longer term, establishing a relationship between you and the players.

Business Development

Every business can benefit from a good plan. Whether you’re starting out and want a strong pitch to investors or players, or you’re experienced developers with a long term project to keep on track, we can help. Our plans, advice and forecasts will help you make the right decisions.

We can manage your relationship with press, influencers and business partners who can help get your game the attention it deserves. At a basic level this means using our contacts with conventional games press, YouTubers and other independent influencers to reach out and get your name recognized, while crafting press releases that will get noticed.