Meet Game Drive

Hi! We’re Stephanie and Bram, and the two of us founded Game Drive in 2014. Sharing the same creativity, determination and affinity for games and sports, we knew that we’d make a great team. It was a natural business partnership that soon began to bear fruit, as we took on the marketing for the popular indie WW1 shooter Verdun, along with many other titles.


Our company name was inspired by photo safari trips – just as game drives in Africa can be inspiring and informative, we believe that games marketing should aspire to the same values. We have marketed games of all kinds, from free-to-play PC strategy titles to console shooters and mobile action games. Typically we will agree a standard contract of payment for our services, but we are willing to discuss 80% up-front payment with the rest of our fee coming from a revenue share.

We Operate Worldwide

Game Drive operates with a worldwide focus – wherever your ideal target audience is, we’ll find them! We’ve worked with a range of clients from small independent studios to large international companies, and particular areas where we have expertise include both Western and Eastern Europe (including the large UK games market), the United States, Canada, Australia.

The Team

Alisa Jefimova

Business Analyst

Raquel Gómez Röttger

Community Manager

Adrianos Kyrmos

Account Manager

Tom Goodfellow

Copywriter & Content Manager

Jessica de Haan

PR Assistant

Nicky Maatman

Research Intern

Dennis Mons

PR Manager

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