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We’re a global games marketing company based in the Netherlands, with contacts around the world and experience launching games for a global audience! Our location gives us a particular connection to European and UK markets, while our work with indie companies has covered both North and South America, Japan, and Russia. Our clients and partners range from major companies like Private Division to indie studios like Ronimo Games, M2H and Blackmill Games (creators of Verdun and Tannenberg), WeirdBeard Games of Tricky Towers fame, and Total Mayhem Games – who made the hit coop puzzle game We Were Here.


No matter where you’re based, if you’ve got a great game to sell, we can help! The world today is a more connected place than ever before, and we want to help you make the most of it. Whether you want to release on PCs, consoles, mobile devices, or anything else, we can get you in stores virtual or physical and noticed across the globe.

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No matter whether you want in-depth support with the launch of a new game, developing a full business strategy, or assistance with an advertising campaign or community management, Game Drive is here to help.

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