Our Role | Dutch Games Association

We are supporting the Dutch Games Association with promotion and establishing their presence at international events, such as Gamescom 2018 in Cologne. The goal is to attract the interest of international press and developers in engaging with members of the Dutch games industry, as well as putting a spotlight on some exciting indie games.

Our Role | Grondontwikkeling Nederland

For Erectus vs. Sapiens, we evaluated the current business plan and risks associated with it. We then produced an alternative business plan on behalf of a potential investor in Grondontwikkeling Nederland.

Erectus vs. Sapiens is a relaunch of Erectus, a free-to-play strategy-focused empire builder MMO, in which players develop the emerging civilization of the Homo Sapiens and finally face the superior civilization of the Homo Erectus.

Our Role | Studio 100

We worked with Studio 100 and First Spawn to produce a marketing plan and forecast for their potential family mobile game Maya the Bee.