Our role | August 2021 – Present

Pine Studio came to us looking for a partner to assist them with non-English speaking press, help with influencer management, and to run a special campaign.

We used our worldwide network of contacts with press and local PR agencies to get eyes on Escape Simulator through traditional media, while opening dialogues with targeted influencers who would be interested in covering the game.

After its initial successful release, Escape Simulator has continued to receive a great number of updates, including new rooms and many tweaks and additional features for the in-game Room Editor and two paid DLCs; Steampunk and Wild West. After nearly two years of continuous support however, one very specific update got released that definitely stood out above everything that preceded it…

Portal Escape Chamber DLC

That’s right! Nearly two years after the initial release of Escape Simulator, a free DLC based on Valve Corporation’s renowned Portal series was added to the game. This free DLC lets players return to the famous Aperture Science Laboratories to conduct all sorts of research. For science!

The Portal Escape Chamber DLC was officially approved by Valve Corporation. To let this production come to fruition, Game Drive played a vital role during the process of pitching the initial idea and maintaining contact with Valve during the creation of the DLC content.